Village of Colonie Angel Tree Outreach


The Village of Colonie Outreach

Angel Tree Outreach

The Village Outreach Center has asked that we provide Gift Cards for the needy families. See the display with suggestions and select one or two as you are able.

Consider enclosing them in a Christmas card.

Return by Sunday, December 13th.

THANK YOU ~ Outreach Committtee


Village of Colonie Outreach


The Village of Colonie Outreach Pantry

In December we will focus on canned fish and meat; tuna, chicken & ham etc.

In November we collected

23 jars of peanut butter, 14 jars of jelly, 27 cans of soup, 12 cans of pasta, 11 jars of pasta sauce, 5 boxes dry pasta, 4 pouches rice mix, 4 cans fruit, 2 pkgs of 4 fruit bowls, 1 6-pack of raisins & 2 cans of vegetables, 4 cans of fish, 2 cans of meat, 9 boxes of cereal, 3 boxes granola bars, 8 pkgs diapers, 2 personal care items, 1 reusable bag and 1 sheet set.


Thank  you for your generosity.


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